For over 25 years, we’ve had the privilege of knowing Peter and Christine Christensen as colleagues in ministry and walked closely as friends. 

Peter and Christine both function in the office of a Prophet strongly, flowing in revelation, discernment, and carry a breakthrough anointing.  They have made a profound impact on our church and our lives personally that’s been pivotal in the longevity of our pastoring and leadership journey. 

Their passion and ability to impart prophetically spans to both corporate and individual levels - ministering prophetically from the platform with timely words in season, and to individuals in altar calls or at prophetic impartation nights.   We have witnessed hundreds in our church find freedom, healing, breakthrough, and receive accurate prophetic impartation.  

Based upon their ministry to us personally and our church, plus their solid reputation both locally and globally, I have no hesitation in recommending them to minister prophetically in your church.  I know your congregation will benefit and grow to new levels as a result of their ministry!

Claude & Carolyn Carrello
C3 Reach Multi-Site
(C3 Rockingham / C3 Crawley)