Course Overview

Module 2: Release

Session 1. The Role & Function of A New Testament Prophet

  • The differences between the old & the new
  • Clearing up all the weird flaky stuff
  • Living from the inside out

Session 2. Are You A Prophet?

  • Analyzing & defining what makes a Prophet
  • Different types of Prophets

Session 3. Healthy Prophetic Perspectives

  • Breaking religious illusions
  • Seeing from a finished works perspective
  • Developing a healthy worldview

Session 4. Unlocking The Power Of Imagination

  • The Abraham principle
  • Imagination is a prophet’s creative key
  • Understanding the deeper levels of the mind

Session 5. The Intrinsic Power Of A Prophetic Word

  • How the word unlocks God’s DNA in you
  • The eternal aspect of God’s Word
  • You were born with a word over your life

Session 6. Cycles, Seasons & The Will Of God

  • How God works cyclically & seasonally
  • Responding correctly in a season

Session 7. Impacting Environments & Atmospheres

  • What creates atmospheres
  • How The Prophetic changes atmospheres
  • Getting what’s in you ‘out’

Session 8. Self-assessments

  • Q&A
  • Activating your gift in a safe environment

Note: Workshops, Activations and Discussion times are conducting throughout the entire course.

Pre Requisites

We recommend that people attending this course should have previously attended Module 1.

Course Time frame for 'each module'

Option 1: 4 Weeks

2 sessions per week (day or night) over 4 weeks

Option 2: 2 Weeks

4 sessions per week over 2 nights or days

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