Elevate Prophetic Training


Module 1


This course will equip you with all you need to know to stepping into the prophetic. Crucial foundations are addressed that will set in motion a fresh pathway of growth, understanding and confidence.

  • Hands on coaching & activations
  • Self assessments that help you break out of personal limitations
Course Overview

Module 2


This course moves deeper into crucial topics necessary for identifying your calling & personal unique prophetic DNA, as well as exposing you to subjects that are relevant to those called with a prophetic gift. It is designed to help shift you out of limiting beliefs and plant fresh perspectives for your personal development.

  • Coaching, workshops and impartation
  • Exercises & assessments that help re-orientate the heart and mind
Course Overview

Module 3


In this course you will explore an in-depth study of prophets & their function in todays church & market place, highlighting the process prophets and prophetic ministries go through. Also, imparting understanding on how to overcome common prophetic pitfalls such as, emotional in-balances, isolation and depression.

  • Real open discussions about the prophetic ministry
  • Advanced activations
  • Personal impartation
Course Overview