Course Overview

Module 3: Build

Session 1. Building Prophets vs Blessing Prophets

  • Prophets & construction sites
  • Prophets & blueprints
  • 1 Cor 12:28 unpacked

Session 2. Jeremiah: A Prototype Of Process & Promise

  • From “I can’t speak,” to speaking to a nation
  • Expanding your inner life to match your call
  • The ebbs & flow of process explained

Session 3. Four Features Of Prophetic Ministry

  • The bridge builder & connector
  • The auditor
  • The awakener

Session 4. Overcoming Cultural Blindness

  • What defines our paradigms
  • Kingdom paradigm vs a village paradigm
  • Identity is everything

Self-assessment at the end of the sessions

Session 5. Resisting The Urge To Run (Part 1&2)

  • Overcoming emotional instability
  • The benefits of failure
  • Progressing from being overcome to overcoming

Self-assessment at the end of the sessions

Session 6. Misconceptions About God

  • What type of God do you see
  • Exposing false conceptions about God
  • The Job principle: Now My eyes see

Self-assessment at the end of the sessions

Session 7.  Conversations About Prophetic Stuff

  • Real talk about ministry
  • Real talk about the way forward

Session 8.  Advanced activations in a safe environment


We recommend that People attending this course should have previously attended Module 2

Course Time Frame for 'each module'

Option 1:  4 weeks

2 sessions per week (day or night) over 4 weeks

Option 2:  2 weeks

4 sessions per week over 2 nights or days

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